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Genesis Vision - TL;DR - 2018/19

Genesis Vision - TL;DR - 2018/19
TL;DR version of Genesis Vision - If I have missed anything let me know & I will update!
Current stats:
Best places to stay up to date:
What we've been treated to so far in 2018:
What's next for GVT:
2019 (no official ETA's):
  • Chinese promotion - The platform and all of the reading materials will be translated into Chinese
  • Integration with decentralized exchanges Idex and Forkdelta: https://blog.genesis.vision/decentralizing-exchanges-turning-ex-into-dex-cbc903d05540
  • Genesis Vision DEX
  • Genesis Vision Network
  • Fiat Gateway
  • Bank & Stocks Integration
  • Further platform development for GV & Genesis Markets
  • Further development of all versions of the platform, ie iOS & Android
Current Partnerships:
Other info:
  • All the managers account balances total to 74,062 GVT as of 17/12/2018.
  • All the managers account balances total to 48,038 GVT as of 29/11/2018.
  • 1.67% of the total supply invested on the platform

  • GenesisVision Total AUM = $251,719!
  • ^ This are the stats for a platform that has launched October 30th. This is WITHOUT Forex implemented and the numerous brokers which are currently being integrated into the platform.
  • See my previous post on why GV will be successful based on them becoming a self sufficient platform by creating revenue: https://www.reddit.com/genesisvision/comments/9p80igenesis_vision_will_soon_become_a_self_sufficient/
  • GVT has started get some attention from some of the bigger Crypto Twitter accounts. The word about GVT is slowly spreading.
Bullish on GVT. You want reasons why im bullish? Re-read this post
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Genesis Vision ~ TL;DR ~ 2019

Genesis Vision - TL;DR - 2019
Current stats:
The Genesis Vision team have confirmed the next big update is due by February 28th 2019. There will be many new features and improvements which as of yet are unnannouced
Development underway for 2019:
  • Shorting & leveraged trading (achieved by integration with new brokers/partners below):
  • Trading via Huobi for GVT program managers
  • Trading via Exante
  • Trading via OKEx for GVT program managers
  • Integration with decentralized exchanges Idex and Forkdelta
  • Allowing the deposit and handling of multiple currencies (GVT, BTC, ETH, USDT) on the GV platform. - This is to avoid unccessary conversions. All profits will still be payed out in GVT. So effectively this will only ease the selling pressure while still positively affecting the GVT price
Genesis Vision in 2018:
  • Metatrader integration
  • Genesis Vision Alpha Version
  • IPFS Integration
  • Numerous trading competitions
  • Launch of Genesis Markets
  • Launch of the iOS & Android Genesis Vision apps
  • Live Platform Launch ~ 30th October
  • Completely overhauled UI/UX for iOS, Android, Investors & Manager portals
  • Fresh website for GV & GM
  • Finance Magnates London Summit
  • Sofia Investor Finance Forum
  • Huobi prestige Investors Fireside Dialogue (speakers)
  • Launch of Genesis Vision Funds
  • GV Market Maker
  • Removal of entry fees for level 1 & 2 managers
  • New leveling system ->
  • Forex trading went live ->
In the works for the future (some speculation)
  • Chinese promotion - The platform and all of the reading materials will be translated into Chinese
  • Genesis Vision DEX
  • Genesis Vision Network ->
  • Fiat Gateway
  • Bank & Stocks Integration
  • Further platform development for GV & Genesis Markets
  • Further development of all versions of the platform, ie iOS & Android
  • I personally believe we will see GVT listed on some exchanges in 2019
Current Partnerships:
  • Tools4Brokers
  • LMAX Digital
  • Just2Trade
  • Larson&Holz
  • Monarch
  • RoboForex
  • Exante
Platform statistics
  • See -> https://gvtstats.com for info regarding platform balances etc.!
  • Or follow @GVTProgressBot on Twitter for updates every 24 hours
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